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Art Of The Terraces

In a nutshell, back in spring 2016 we met up with our friend Jens Wagner in Hamburg and he proposed we do an art exhibition based on football fan culture in an empty shop. A little while later Jens came to England to speak to 80s Casuals co-founder Dave Hewitson about getting involved, and before we knew it, Dave had proposed our idea to the team at the prestigious Walker Gallery and the rest is history.

As well as coming up with the concept, we were all brought in as consultants on the whole project to help bring it to life. It was an immense amount of work for everyone involved – especially the incredible team at the Walker, but the payoff was incredible.

The exhibition environment was really important to us. We worked with the design team at the Walker Gallery to bring some ‘terrace-like’ features in to the gallery. You’ll see high grey walls, angular walkways and subtle gaps in the layout that all add to the experience, bringing a little part of the stadium to the gallery.